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pseudonympseu‧do‧nym /ˈsjuːdənɪm $ ˈsuː-/ noun [countable]  ALNAME OF A PERSONan invented name that a writer, artist etc uses instead of their real name syn nom de plumeunder a pseudonym He wrote under the pseudonym ‘Silchester’.pseudonymous /sjuːˈdɒnɪməs $ suːˈdɑː-/ adjective He was the pseudonymous author.pseudonymously adverb
Examples from the Corpus
pseudonymThe first member of the patrol to go into print was Andy McNab, a pseudonym of its leader.Gattegno Sleaze scandal moves closer to Chirac President claims that cash payments and pseudonyms were used for security reasons HerveSeveral persons are identified by pseudonyms to protect their privacy or that of their families.With his self-importance and his pseudonyms, it is almost a surprise to find that he had considerable political influence.It was for this reason that he did not emerge from behind the mask of his pseudonym.The shelf above the television is cluttered with empty methadone bottles bearing our pseudonyms.Do you want to name your own pseudonym?Morton wrote a weekly column in "The Daily Telegraph' under the pseudonym "Beachcomber'.Charlotte Brontë wrote under the pseudonym of Currer Bell."Saki" was the pseudonym of the writer H.H.Monroe.We have generous methadone prescriptions under pseudonyms.under a pseudonymAt this period Cornford had so separated politics from poetry that he even published a poem in the Listener under a pseudonym.He had exhibited in Moscow under a pseudonym and been pleased with the critical reaction.Caterer & Hotelkeeper will not publish letters sent anonymously or under pseudonyms.Alternatively, you could use a second address, perhaps under a pseudonym, for privacy's sake.We have generous methadone prescriptions under pseudonyms.Good place to catch new bands, although big ones sometimes turn up under a pseudonym.His early leanings towards socialism were evident in articles he wrote under a pseudonym from 1885 to 1889 for the Manchester Examiner.
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