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psychepsy‧che /ˈsaɪki/ noun [countable usually singular] technical or formal  MPsomeone’s mind, or their deepest feelings, which control their attitudes and behaviour Freud’s account of the human psyche A characteristic of the feminine psyche is to seek approval from others.
Examples from the Corpus
psycheThe war in Vietnam still lingers in the American psyche.What quirk of the feminine psyche had been responsible for that decision?the fragile psyche of a teenagerThey also hint that perhaps there is some hidden carrot symbol hidden deep in the human psyche.Freud has provided an account of the human psyche's different stages of development.Lots of confrontation between liberated psyches, lots of free associating.Kennedy and Nixon are less memorable for specific achievements than for what they did for our politics and national psyche.The need for love is deeply buried in our psyche.I've pursued him down the disappearing paths of my own psyche.The psyche begins a few strides behind third base.It is a pity we so deform plastic minds and so cripple young psyches.First, you must expand your psyche to accommodate the bigger and better.the human psycheNot just his psyche, but the human psyche throughout time.They also hint that perhaps there is some hidden carrot symbol hidden deep in the human psyche.Upon a wilderness of ocean the human psyche makes a reckoning with its own essential loneliness.We certainly need to continue our investigations; to advance ideas; to plumb the mysterious depths of the human psyche.While this may be true, we should remember the fragility and plasticity of the human psyche.Instead we have quite enthusiastically lapsed into a chronic dualism where the whole emotional side of the human psyche has been suppressed.
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