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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpsychiatrypsy‧chi‧a‧try /saɪˈkaɪətri $ sə-/ noun [uncountable]  MPthe study and treatment of mental illnessespsychology
Examples from the Corpus
psychiatryTo the extent that this is true, it is entirely consistent with the history of child psychiatry in this country.Students know that our generation chose psychiatry for compassionate, intellectual and philosophic reasons.A community psychiatry system was adopted which had the mental health centre at the middle.Psychiatrists may increasingly be working alongside general practitioners, but there are few training posts in community psychiatry.Well, I know a little bit about how psychiatry works.All of a sudden I know two things: why they were on the same brain cell, and how psychiatry works.Saunders had a degree in psychiatry, but he was breaking the law by using residential property for the transaction of business.Comparative mythology combined with psychiatry is a mixture of dangerous brews.
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