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Related topics: Psychology, psychiatry
psychopsy‧cho /ˈsaɪkəʊ $ -koʊ/ noun (plural psychos) [countable]  informalMPVIOLENT someone who is mentally ill and who may behave in a violent or strange waypsycho adjective
Examples from the Corpus
psychoFor all I knew she might have been a psycho or a girl with a little blackmail on her mind.Flesh-eating psycho played by Sir Anthony Hopkins is back in a slick, camp sequel.These two raccoon-eyed psychos have lost none of their no-holds-barred energy or their penchant for writing catchy melodies.When the psycho is caught, then let go on a technicality, Mom takes matters into her own hands.All his posse friends were psychos, deranged misfits who were cruel for kicks.
Related topics: Psychology, psychiatry
psycho-psycho- /saɪkəʊ, -kə $ -koʊ, -kə/ (also psych-) prefix technical MPrelating to the mind and the mental processes, rather than the body a psychoanalyst
PsychoPsycho  (1960) a US horror film (=a film that is intended to make you feel frightened) made by Alfred hitchcock. Its most famous scene is the one in which the character acted by Janet Leigh is killed with a knife by Norman Bates while she is in the shower.
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