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public life

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpublic lifepublic lifeFAMOUSwork that you do, especially for the government, that makes you well known to many people Howard seems to have retired from public life. public
Examples from the Corpus
public lifeThe erosion of consensus politics overtook local government as it did many other areas of public life.The government is not allowed to aid religion in U.S. public life.In his later years Howard seems increasingly to have retired from public life.In the dark hours after breakfast it was some way of controlling the monstrous disjuncture between his private and his public life.Politics no longer served as the centerpiece of citizens' public lives.Monnerville retired from public life in 1983.Perfect honesty in public life is as rare as anti-matter.Dali's public life was an eccentric extension of his surrealist vision.It was during this period that her taste for politics and public life were first awakened, her son says.After all, both men came into public life with private histories.
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