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public opinion

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpublic opinionˌpublic oˈpinion noun [uncountable]  OPINIONthe opinions or beliefs that ordinary people have about a particular subject Public opinion is shifting in favor of the new law. the pressure of public opinion
Examples from the Corpus
public opinionThat frenzied chorus of hot air was used to try to whip up a hurricane designed to alter public opinion.Times change, issues change, public opinion changes and, of course, politicians change.The industry is on the defensive in Congress, in courts across the nation and in the war for public opinion.Firstly, the role of the news media in forming public opinion is very important.The very questions used in public opinion surveys indicate the importance of the assumption.Only gradually was the distaste of the Left for the National government shared by any appreciable section of public opinion.The object of this research is to examine the structure of public opinion about state and private welfare services.a recent public opinion poll about the election
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