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public property

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpublic propertypublic propertya) PROVIDEsomething that is provided for anyone to use, and is usually owned by the government The army was called out to protect public property. b) PUBLIC/NOT PRIVATEsomething that everyone has a right to know about Our lives seem to have become public property. public
Examples from the Corpus
public propertyAgainst the odds, she succeeds in making an intimate personal statement out of tunes that are almost public property.An attendant warned us not to deface public property.City and county government have the option to ban weapons on public property.None the less, all the sites from which the Falls were visible would eventually be on public property.Supervisor Michael Yaki thinks it should be easier than that to obtain entry to public property.We were still within the perimeter of Kenwood House and would need to walk much further to reach public property.In some areas, developers who build on public property are assessed special fees to help pay for historic preservation.But the argument is that the genome is public property -- it needs a different structure of ownership.
From Longman Business Dictionarypublic propertyˌpublic ˈproperty [countable, uncountable]PROPERTY land or buildings owned by a local or national governmentThe storms caused $60 million of damage to public property. property
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