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public sector

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpublic sectorˈpublic ˌsector noun   the public sector
Examples from the Corpus
public sectorOnly time will tell if this is a serious effort at improving both public sector accountability and overall performance.Ronald Reagan often argued that by cutting public sector spending, we could liberate voluntary efforts from the oppressive arm of government.Leftist labor unions and their statist allies may scream but the public sector needs pruning.In the 1980s Conservatives have been more likely to evaluate the mediating institutions according to whether or not they are in the public sector.About 10 percent of the private sector and 37 percent in the public sector are unionized, according to the AFL-CIO.In the public sector, scarcity is more important than price.The private-sector contribution to these schemes was intended to be several times larger than that of the public sector.The relevance of SSAPs to the public sector has never been entirely clear.
From Longman Business Dictionarypublic sectorˈpublic ˌsector (also state sector) [singular]ECONOMICS the companies, organizations, and activities in an economy that are owned by the governmentThe public sector still accounted for 40 percent of gross national product (GNP), and employed 44 percent of the nation’s workforce.More than 200,000 public-sector workers began a two-day strike over the government’s proposed wage freeze. sector
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