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puddlepud‧dle /ˈpʌdl/ ●●○ noun [countable]  DNa small pool of liquid, especially rainwater Children splashed through the puddles.puddle of He had fallen asleep, his head resting in a puddle of beer.puddle verb [intransitive] literary Rain trickled down the glass, puddling on the window sills.
Examples from the Corpus
puddleStart with a puddle and progress slowly to a small pool and shallow stream.Sometimes the blood oozed into great black puddles over which huge swarms of flies hovered.Would you jump into puddles with me?a mud puddleGeorge Cummings pulled out the stretcher with an oblong puddle of flesh and hair and rib.The problem with such puddles, Rubberneck would suffer violent bellyaches and explosive diarrhoea.He dashed across the puddles in the courtyard, lithe and athletic.The ground is frozen, thin ice covers the puddles between the furrows of the empty gray field.He shook his head to drive away some bottleneck flies straying from the vile puddle in front of the horse-faced young man.
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