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ldoce_274_apuffinpuf‧fin /ˈpʌfɪn/ noun [countable]  puffin.jpg HBAa North Atlantic seabird with a black and white body and a large brightly coloured beak
Examples from the Corpus
puffinThe first time i spotted a puffin I thought I was seeing things.In September and November, sand-eels, the only things eaten by puffins, lay their eggs.A two-hour boat trip will take you to Lundy Island, once famous for its pirates and now for its puffins.Sure enough, we soon come up to a party of puffin and a single guillemot.A party of puffins had to take evasive action as they nearly flew into the side of the ship.Never before have I seen puffins that are so red, so yellow, so black.The hon. Lady also quoted the use of the puffin symbol by Gallaher.If that happens as normal, then the puffins have a better chance of survival.
PuffinPuffin trademark  a type of paperback book for children and young people, produced by the same company that produces Penguin books
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