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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpulsarpul‧sar /ˈpʌlsɑː $ -sɑːr/ noun [countable]  TTSan object like a star that is far away in space and produces radiation and radio wavesquasar
Examples from the Corpus
pulsarIt is therefore another compact star, perhaps even a pulsar.A variant of the suggestion is that the Sun has a pulsar as a companion.The observation of slowing down of the orbital rotation of the binary pulsar 1913+16 is also discussed.At present, parallax measurements for pulsars are few and barely significant.Subsequent timing observations have shown the pulsar to be in a 5.74-day circular orbit with a low-mass companion.One of the pulsar's original discoverers, Stanislav Djorjovski, reported finding a brighter star coinciding with the pulsar last November.The pulsar is probably a different object.A total of 112 pulse arrival times over a 120-day time interval were collected for this pulsar.
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