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punch the air

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpunch the airpunch the airto make a movement like a punch towards the sky, to show that you are very pleased He punched the air in triumph. punch
Examples from the Corpus
punch the airI felt marvellous and punched the air.Sharpe saw the blossoming smoke a fraction before the sound punched the air.Men's fists punched the air, brandishing flagons of beer.Balvinder jumped up and down, punched the air, then promptly confronted the man with whom he had made the bet.Then he plunged in, and when he saw he was correct, punched the air with a raised left hand.A small cheer emerged from behind and I punched the air with delight.When we left the meeting, I should have been punching the air with joy.Caballeros punched the air with the exultation of victory.
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