Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: poinçonner 'to make a hole in', from poinçon 'tool for making holes'


1 verb
punch1 S3 [transitive]


to hit someone or something hard with your fist (=closed hand):
He punched me and knocked my teeth out.
punch somebody on/in something
He punched Jack in the face.

make holes

to make a hole in something, using a metal tool or other sharp object:
The guard punched my ticket and I got on.
These bullets can punch a hole through 20 mm steel plate.

push buttons

to push a button or key on a machine:
Just punch the button to select a track.

punch holes in somebody's argument/idea/plans etc

to criticize someone's views, idea, plans etc by showing why they are wrong

punch the air

to make a movement like a punch towards the sky, to show that you are very pleased:
He punched the air in triumph.

punch somebody's lights out

informal to hit someone hard in the face

punch the clock

American English informalBEC to record the time that you start or finish work by putting a card into a special machine


American English old-fashionedTA to move cattle from one place to another

punch above your weight

informal if businesses, organizations, teams etc punch above their weight, they are successful in an activity or task which usually needs more money, power, skill etc than they seem to have - used especially in newspapers

punch in

phrasal verb
1 American EnglishBEC to record the time that you arrive at work, by putting a card into a special machine [= clock in British English]

punch something ↔ in

TD to put information into a computer by pressing buttons or keys

punch out

phrasal verb
1BEC to record the time that you leave work, by putting a card into a special machine [= clock out British English]

punch somebody out

to hit someone so hard that they become unconscious
with your fist: punch, thump, bash

with your open hand as a punishment: smack, spank, slap

with a hammer: bang, hammer

in order to get attention: bang, knock, tap, hammer

accidentally: bump into, crash into, strike, bang, knock, collide (with)

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