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punish yourself

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpunish yourselfpunish yourselfBLAMEto make yourself feel guilty or bad for something you have done If you fail, don’t punish yourself. punish
Examples from the Corpus
punish yourselfPerhaps you felt guilty about ignoring a charity collection, and so decided to punish yourself?She was very sorry for her mistake and was therefore punishing herself by agreeing to marry him.Do not attempt to punish yourself for not making adequate progress.He himself does nothing wrong yet he still punishes himself for other's wrong doings.Do you punish yourself or feel guilty if you fail?Such resistance to being well necessitated the idea of unconscious forces of guilt; the patients sought to punish themselves through illness.Sometimes he punished himself when others were inclined to exonerate him.However, Gottlieb did not punish herself with guilt.
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