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purchasing power

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purchasing powerˈpurchasing ˌpower noun [uncountable]  1 BBthe amount of money that a person or group has available to spend increases in purchasing power2 PECthe amount that a unit of money can buy The purchasing power of the local currency has halved.
Examples from the Corpus
purchasing powerBut can the numbers and purchasing power of those following the Yuppy life-style be quantified?As this happens equity is sacrificed as purchasing power rather than clinically diagnosed need determines which patients should be treated.At the same time the peso was devalued by 600 % and inflation soared over consumers' purchasing power declined.The scarcity of housing here is mostly the result of the intense interest and enormous purchasing power of international buyers.Inflation will rise if workers try to compensate for the reduction in purchasing power by bargaining for higher pay.The minimum wage has been raised, but its purchasing power has fallen by 40 % since the late 60s.The goods became obtainable, but not purchasable, because of the lack of purchasing power among the population.But smaller deficits brought on either by spending cuts or higher taxes reduce purchasing power.The average Mexican employee's purchasing power is still relatively low compared with U.S. workers.The purchasing power of the dollar has declined.
From Longman Business Dictionarypurchasing powerˈpurchasing ˌpower1[uncountable]COMMERCE the ability of a person or organization to buy things, depending on the amount of money they have available SYN BUYING POWER, SPENDING POWERInflation is also caused by too much purchasing power in the economy.2[uncountable]FINANCE the amount that a unit of a particular currency buys at a particular time SYN BUYING POWERThe purchasing power of the dollar has declined. power
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