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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpurelypure‧ly /ˈpjʊəli $ ˈpjʊrli/ ●●○ S3 W3 adverb  ONLYcompletely and only a decision made for purely political reasons The building was closed purely on the grounds of safety. It happened purely by chance. I do it purely and simply for the money.
Examples from the Corpus
purelyThose who posit a purely biological basis for this phenomenon are ignoring the class or political element.What we have is a purely business arrangement.The Fabians have now written to all the contenders assuring them that the decision was made on a purely commercial basis.But then we should all know by now that purely cricketing considerations are less of a priority than once they were.Most plants are planted purely for decoration.I don't enjoy it, but I jog purely for the sake of good health.It is said that the operation of the motel here is of a purely local character.As purely silly movies go, this one is aces.Mitchell therefore insists on relations between men, women and children having an instinctive as well as a purely social basis.Goldman said attendance on the program is purely voluntary.purely by chanceA fifth avenue is that of serendipity, where a doctor comes across homoeopathy purely by chance.The paintings were returned here in 1950 purely by chance.This latter line is also statistically significant; the points on the line are most unlikely to be there purely by chance.It was purely by chance that Nicholson was cast for the film.
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