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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpuristpur‧ist /ˈpjʊərɪst $ ˈpjʊr-/ noun [countable]  CORRECTsomeone who believes that something should be done in the correct or traditional way, especially in the areas of art, sport, music, and language The purists won’t like it, but opera on TV certainly brings in the audiences. Architects with purist views were suspicious of his work.
Examples from the Corpus
puristIf Joan was an abstract purist, other young artists were turning toward Bad Painting and cartoon art.Even baseball purists appear to be accepting that, if grudgingly.Baseball purists would be against reducing the number of games.Thirdly, it was an answer to the jazz purists.It is music for the coach trade, at which only the most high-minded purist is likely to take offence.In the past, to the horror of soccer purists, broadcasters have cut away from live action for commercial breaks.If the purists object to removing a slate roof and replacing it, then tough.They enjoyed sophisticated pleasures, less constrained than elsewhere, which seemed to purists appallingly perverse.purist viewsArchitects and critics with purist views were suspicious of Hill, but he helped to popularize the modern style.
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