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pursue the matter/argument/question etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpursue the matter/argument/question etcpursue the matter/argument/question etcCONTINUE/NOT STOPto continue trying to find out about or persuade someone about a particular subject Janet did not dare pursue the matter further. The defence pursued the question of Dr Carrington’s state of mind. pursue
Examples from the Corpus
pursue the matter/argument/question etcAnxious to avoid further difficulty, Harriet did not pursue the matter.She wouldn't put it past him but in the brilliant afternoon heat she wasn't inclined to pursue the matter.There was no need to pursue the matter any further prior to arrest.I regret that they were unable to pursue the matter any further.It is capable of extension, but we shall not pursue the matter here.If you feel upset by an apparent unfairness, pursue the matter through the grievance procedure.
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