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puspus /pʌs/ noun [uncountable]  MIa thick yellowish liquid produced in an infected part of your bodypustule a wound oozing pus
Examples from the Corpus
pusIt looked like there might be pus in it.If the blister becomes red and drains pus, see your doctor.This increase in water solubility made possible an invitro incubation test with intraperitoneal pus or fluid from patients with peritonitis.It smelled toxic, looked like pus from the creature from the black lagoon and burned like hot coals on the skin.Large eruptions with much pus that may become open sores like Arsenicum.It centres on the collection of pus in areas of muscle.Get that pus to running, you think?Sometimes they have an ugly yellowish look to them, as if the ulcer is filled with pus.I was dying of jealousy for guys whose faces were just cratered with seeping yellow pus.
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