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push (somebody’s) buttons

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpush (somebody’s) buttonspush (somebody’s) buttonsinformal to make someone feel strong emotions Movies shouldn’t be afraid to push a few buttons. push
Examples from the Corpus
push (somebody’s) buttonsBetween these two displays are the rotary encoder control and four push buttons.But, as you know, with the K858 you have the advantage of push buttons.Subtle it ain t, but for big-band fans, it pushes all the buttons.The geeky suitor lost, which pushes the wrong buttons.The destabilizing effect will push buttons and force changes.This can only be because there is something about Twinkies that pushes buttons in us that other junk foods do not.Five push buttons take care of the full-speed play, half-speed play, record, instrument distortion and stop options.When your words are likely to push his buttons, use anticipation.
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