2 noun
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pushing movement

[countable] when someone pushes something [≠ pull]:
Jodi had stopped swinging. 'Want a push?' her dad asked.
If the door's stuck, just give it a push.
at/with the push of a button (=used to emphasize how easy a machine is to use)
Files can be attached to your email at the push of a button.


[countable] when someone, especially a business, tries to get or achieve something:
the pre-Christmas advertising push
push into
The company has recently made a big push into the Japanese market.
push for
the push for improved productivity
push to do something
a push to attract new members


[singular] if someone gives someone else a push, they encourage or persuade them to try something:
She just needed a gentle push to get her to join in.


[countable]PM a planned military movement into the area where the enemy is
push into
The army has made another big push into enemy territory.

give somebody the push/get the push

British English informal
a) if your employer gives you the push, they make you leave your job:
I was scared I'd get the push.
b) if someone you are having a romantic relationship with gives you the push, they tell you that they no longer want to continue the relationship

when/if push comes to shove

also if it comes to the push British English spoken if a situation becomes very difficult or action needs to be taken:
If push comes to shove, you can always sell the car.

at a push

informal British English if you can do something at a push, it will be difficult, but you will be able to do it:
We have room for five people, maybe six at a push.

it'll be a push

British English spoken used to say that something will be difficult because you do not have enough time to do it:
I'll do my best, but it'll be a bit of a push.

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