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put a stop/an end to something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishput a stop/an end to somethingput a stop/an end to somethingSTOP something THAT IS HAPPENINGto stop an activity that is harmful or unacceptable We must put an end to their threats. put
Examples from the Corpus
put a stop/an end to somethingThat put an end to any stunt deemed risky, Weiss says.This trite communication put an end to Emma's overtures and she began to fade from their lives.Thus the event of her puberty puts an end to her pure childhood.Her old feeling for him had returned; she was determined to put an end to his sufferings and bring him home.It was Gloucester who chose to put an end to it.To put an end to such exalted talk, I asked Mendl to tell me about Spats-making machinery.Judge Frossard, it seems, wanted to put an end to the inertia.Swiftly introduce new legislation to put an end to the trauma and misery suffered by child witnesses in court proceedings.It's time the community worked together to put an end to the violence.
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