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put a stop to something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishput a stop to somethingput a stop to somethingSTOP something THAT IS HAPPENINGto prevent something from continuing or happening The government is determined to put a stop to the demonstrations. stop
Examples from the Corpus
put a stop to somethingI thought I'd put a stop to this nonsense!But the inquest put a stop to all that.If I remember correctly, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar put a stop to that.The law officers should put a stop to the practice forthwith.This should put a stop to the sort of attempt made by Hanson after it had successfully taken-over Imperial.She decided to put a stop to their relationship.There are some very dubious practices and we want to put a stop to them.An attempt to annex nearby Epizephyrian Lokri was put a stop to by Hiero in 478.They was charging people a dollar to see him before West put a stop to it.
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