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put down roots

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishput down rootsput down rootsLIVE SOMEWHEREif you put down roots somewhere, you start to feel that a place is your home and to have relationships with the people there Because of her husband’s job, they’d moved too often to put down roots anywhere. root
Examples from the Corpus
put down rootsFor Ada, putting down roots opens a new life of discipline and learning.It puts down roots 10 feet deep, easily withstanding drought and even frequent fires.However, now that they had family responsibilities and were beginning to put down roots, they returned to their former church-going.I was going to put down roots, achieve something, give meaning to my existence.She's had 8 quarters, so it's hard to put down roots.Meanwhile, people who might want to put down roots in the community are finding it prohibitively expensive.What better way to put down roots, and what more suitable time than in the spring?In their place, developers are building upscale subdivisions that tend to cater to newcomers less willing to put down roots.Just as I was putting down roots, our family had to move up north.
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