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put it there

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishput it thereput it therespokenHELLOAGREE used to tell someone to put their hand in yours, either as a greeting or after making an agreement with them $500? OK, it’s a deal. Put it there! put
Examples from the Corpus
put it there$500? OK, it's a deal. Put it there!Any name that was on the list was there because Nikos had put it there.He didn't remember putting it there.Just for like if we put it there.That must have been Lee who'd put it there.There is nothing behind the cartoon sofa and if you find anything it's because you yourself have put it there.Where every plant to sprout is known in advance because you put it there.People think I put it there as a piece of pop art to decorate the room.It hates you for putting it there, but is loyal to you because you bring it food.
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