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put/pump/pour money into something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishput/pump/pour money into somethingput/pump/pour money into somethingto give money to a company or business so that it will become successful and you will earn money from it in the future No one’s going to put money into the company while the market is so unstable. money
Examples from the Corpus
put/pump/pour money into somethingStaff can add credit on to their cards by putting money into card machines in the building.In addition, the company has soured some investors by pouring money into headlong expansion at the expense of earnings.I too had put money into the hat.First, it has poured money into Xinjiang.Demand for most bonds is high because investors keep putting money into corporate bond funds.This, he says, accounts for developers fighting shy of putting money into the city.The people believed, and many of them were putting money into improving their homes, modernizing their small businesses.If the possible reward is very high, I would put money into a business that could fail. 4.
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