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put/set/turn your mind to something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishput/set/turn your mind to somethingput/set/turn your mind to somethingTRY TO DO OR GET somethingto decide that you want to achieve something and try very hard to do it I think anyone can lose weight if they set their mind to it. mind
Examples from the Corpus
put/set/turn your mind to somethingBut he can turn his mind to detailed needs, like pensions, if he has to.A second glance put my mind to rest, but for a moment there it gave me a turn.I turned my mind to Archie.Across the table, Lalage put her mind to the subjugation of Dada.When Medea knew the deed was done she turned her mind to one still more dreadful.Anybody could do what I do if they put their mind to it.He would put his mind to other issues, one of which was sobering in its own right.Whatever you set your mind to, your personal total obsession, this is what kills you.
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