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put somebody/something to shame

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishput somebody/something to shameput somebody/something to shameBETTERto be so much better than someone or something else that it makes the other thing seem very bad or ordinary His cooking puts mine to shame. shame
Examples from the Corpus
put somebody/something to shameThe cruel truth is that some animals put some humans to shame.The elegant way she was dressed put the rest of us to shame.He puts us all to shame.They scarcely left it for the next two weeks, their passion putting her dreams to shame.Matt's gourmet dinner really put my cooking to shame.He interviewed many of them, recording every detail with a care that put sighted journalists to shame.He was immediately given some money which he took with the kind of abundant gratitude that puts the giver to shame.Acapulco is a cosmopolitan city with a nightlife that puts Rio to shame.They put the Instamatic to shame.
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