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put something into action/effect/practice

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishput something into action/effect/practiceput something into action/effect/practiceSTART DOING somethingto start using a plan, idea, knowledge etc James was keen to put some of the things he had learned into practice. put
Examples from the Corpus
put something into action/effect/practiceForest managers have been slow to put the plan into practice.But he came gradually to see its viability and to contemplate ways of putting it into practice.But there is a long way to go before he establishes a stable government that can put these qualities into action.Charles, however, was determined to use the farm at Highgrove as a model to put his ideas into practice.Guide us to recognise how great are your resources, and inspire us to put your plans into action.If so, he was about to have an opportunity to put it into practice.The next stage is to implement it or put it into action.The next step is to put them into practice.It's time to put his theories into practice and find out the reality.
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