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put something into practice

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishput something into practiceput something into practiceDOif you put an idea, plan etc into practice, you start to use it and see if it is effective It gave him the chance to put his ideas into practice. practice
Examples from the Corpus
put something into practiceLet's hope some of our little fire raisers don't manage to get there and put the ad into practice.A lot of these modern theories about teaching sound really good until you actually try and put them into practice.New safety guidelines for factory workers will be put into practice next month.Last week appeared to be the point at which he put the promise into practice.Make a habit of putting your AH-HAs into practice as soon as possible alter reading them.But he came gradually to see its viability and to contemplate ways of putting it into practice.Jeremy Taylor is some one who can afford to put his principles into practice.The next step is to put them into practice.Trials Lack of resources to put your visions into practice.The office has been slow to put the new proposals into practice.While the federal policy shift began a decade ago, forest managers have been slow to put it into practice.
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