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put something on the map

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishput something on the mapput something on the mapFAMOUSto make a place famous It was the Olympic Games that really put Seoul on the map. map
Examples from the Corpus
put something on the mapIt was inspired by Brendan Foster and it brought international athletics to the town and put it on the map.This tournament has put us on the map and we are keen to develop it further.It is already sixteen years since we left London specifically to help put Norfolk on the map in the Medau world.Lady Diana's engagement to Prince Charles really put Althorp on the map, and it became a full-time job for me.It was Ray Kroc that really put McDonald's restaurants on the map.The range improvement program, though, really put me on the map.Whoever did, she says, put Nanaimo on the map.The French town of Albertville hoped the winter Olympics would put the town on the map.That would put us on the map, give us more respect.
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