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put/turn the clock back

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishput/turn the clock backput/turn the clock backa) (also set the clock back American English) to go back to the way things were done in the past instead of doing things in a modern way – used to show disapproval The new employment bill will put the clock back 50 years. b) to return to a good situation that you experienced in the past or to make someone remember such a situation The kids are all grown up now and you can’t put the clock back. clock
Examples from the Corpus
put/turn the clock backThis great divide can not be bridged by turning the clock back.He thinks you can turn the clock back.If I could turn the clock back, I don't think I'd study law again.Not unless they fell into Morton's hands. Turn the clock back.It was almost like turning the clock back a couple of centuries.Or not lie, maybe. Turn the clock back.We can not turn the clock back.What is past is past and you can not turn the clock back.It would be nice to put the clock back to the years when Mum and Dad were still alive.The most important thing now is not to turn the clock back.
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