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put your foot down

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishput your foot downput your foot downa) INSISTto say very firmly that someone must do something or must stop doing something You’ll just have to put your foot down and tell him he can’t stay out on school nights. b) informalTTC to make a car go faster foot
Examples from the Corpus
put your foot downWe were nearing the camp, so I aimed for the ruts in the track and put my foot down.You'd better put your foot down before those kids get completely out of control.Ed was talking about dropping out of school, but Mom and Dad put their foot down.Later still My silly wee sister has put her feet down and refuses to let me near her Power Pack.They could have put their foot down and dragged us into court.Rice, however, put his foot down and made what he called his first policy decision.I put my feet down carefully.I put my foot down and the car began to move forward.She didn't answer, just put her foot down and sent the Cortina faster and faster through the night.Justice puts its foot down on Oxie.I wanted to take a year off before college, but my mother put her foot down.
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