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put (your) money on something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishput (your) money on somethingput (your) money on somethingto risk money on the result of a race or competition money
Examples from the Corpus
put (your) money on somethingThe investor decides on the currency most likely to appreciate against sterling and puts money on deposit in that currency.A lot of people are putting money on the line, hoping what Petruchio says he can do, he will do.Even the madmen wouldn't have him in real life, I'd put money on it.No one in their senses puts money on a horse other than in the hope of winning money.The question this time, however, is would you still put your money on her?On the basis of what I told them, they put money on the line.They put money on the table, too, perfect strangers expressing unmistakable monetary interest in the Tonelli Nation.She'd be willing to put money on that.
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