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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishputativepu‧ta‧tive /ˈpjuːtətɪv/ adjective [only before noun] formal  GOOD ENOUGHbelieved or accepted by most people the putative father of her child
Examples from the Corpus
putativeThe fate of the knowledge is dependant on the particular subject area, and on the awareness of putative consultants.We have not yet identified the subunit which makes this putative contact.Recently Soler and Möller provided a putative example of coevolution in action.He does not, as does, say, Jon Elster, challenge structuralism for its putative functionalism.He nevertheless expounded his putative government's programme to the Sejm on July 1.Hess is the ballet's putative lead dancer.As a consequence it might have been present in the putative progenitors of mitochondria.Who cares about the possible queue a week next putative Saturday at the Gatwick guichet?
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