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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpuzzledpuz‧zled /ˈpʌzəld/ ●●○ adjective  CONFUSEDconfused and unable to understand something ‘Dinner?’ Sam asked, looking puzzled.puzzled about/as to/at John seemed puzzled about what the question meant.puzzled that Harry was puzzled that Nicholas didn’t seem to recognize him.puzzled look/expression/frown etc Alice read the letter with a puzzled expression on her face.see thesaurus at confused
Examples from the Corpus
puzzledHer reaction left me puzzled.Hospital staff were puzzled after children collapsed with cardiac arrests and respiratory attacks.Presently, Jaq blanked the eye-screen and relaxed, though with a puzzled air.He saw the knot of people beyond the flames gazing at him in puzzled amazement, but they made no response.She had sounded rather puzzled and insulted.She looked puzzled and rather angry, and Syl looked old and silly.Epitot looked puzzled and removed it again.All squatted, puzzled and uncertain.The doctor was puzzled by the man's symptoms and ordered several further tests.After my explanation, Mandy still had a puzzled expression on her face.It gathers puzzled observers wherever it goes, too.I'm a little puzzled - why did you call her yourself when I specifically told you I would do it?puzzled about/as to/atI had been puzzled as to how to proceed.They'd rightly be puzzled as to why they used a £1,500 computer instead of a £1.50 thermometer.
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