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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpuzzlingpuz‧zling /ˈpʌzlɪŋ/ ●●○ adjective  MYSTERIOUSconfusing and difficult to understand or explain a puzzling fact Gary found her reaction puzzling.
Examples from the Corpus
puzzlingNeither type corresponds precisely to that seen in vertebrate enamel, and the extreme variation in crystal orientation is puzzling.Jan's decision not to take part in the race was very puzzling.Only two questions remained unanswered - the puzzling absence of any sect heavies and Grant's worrying non-return.All the standard items, but there were a couple of puzzling additions in a childish hand at the bottom.Alzheimer's disease is one of medicine's most puzzling and feared illnesses.The fact that many people still do not understand this basic concept is both puzzling and troubling.The police are investigating the puzzling death of a man found on the freeway.But this week your hopes could be raised then dashed by a series of puzzling, even infuriating, developments.She wished he would stop talking, because something one of them had said had stirred the memory of a puzzling moment.Don't you think it's puzzling that no-one noticed them leave?But it has remained as puzzling to modern historians as it was shocking to contemporaries.Some of the results of the experiments were puzzling to researchers.But there's something else, something more conclusive to link them, but it's more puzzling, too.Most puzzling was the fact that Mason waited a week to report the crime.
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