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pythonpy‧thon /ˈpaɪθən $ -θɑːn, -θən/ noun [countable]  HBAa large tropical snake that kills animals for food by winding itself around them and crushing them
Examples from the Corpus
pythonWho wanted to go to the Snake Park in Nairobi and pay two shillings just to see a python?The voices were cut off as suddenly as the squeaks of a mouse were stifled by the lightning grip of his python.Along came a man carrying a large python.I found myself in front of the reticulated python.At first it appeared to be empty, but then, on the dappled ground, I saw a rock python.A tongue or a mouse's tail retracts within the lipless smile of a green tree python.Around the coast and in river valleys there are stretches of tropical jungle with pythons and other snakes.
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