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quadrantquad‧rant /ˈkwɒdrənt $ ˈkwɑː-/ noun [countable]  1 AAHMa quarter of a circle2 HATTWan instrument for measuring angles, used when sailing or looking at the stars
Examples from the Corpus
quadrantIn the first grid fill in each quadrant with the appropriate work activities in your present position.Each quadrant of the labyrinth comprises four main meanders.Curves which are monotonic and contain only one bend can be thought of as one of the four quadrants of a circle.The four quadrants are no longer symmetrical.In the early eve-ning, just as the stars were coming out, he would often pull out his quadrant and compass.He tried dividing the lake into quadrants, carefully inspecting each quadrant.I probably made do by blunting a good deal of what I saw and navigating with intuitive quadrants.the town's southwest quadrantThe other three quadrants are the same, as for J 2.
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