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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishquadriplegicquad‧ri‧ple‧gic /ˌkwɒdrəˈpliːdʒɪk◂ $ ˌkwɑː-/ noun [countable]  someone who is permanently unable to move any part of their body below their neckparaplegic A car accident left him a quadriplegic.quadriplegia noun [uncountable]quadriplegic adjective
Examples from the Corpus
quadriplegicIf so, the result was one bad night, while his brother spent the next twenty-plus years as a quadriplegic.Derek said her stepson is a quadriplegic.A quadriplegic who is nearly deaf and has failing eyesight, the 61-year-old sheik would seem to be powerless.
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