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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishquagmirequag‧mire /ˈkwæɡmaɪə, ˈkwɒɡ- $ ˈkwæɡmaɪr/ noun [countable usually singular]  1 WETan area of soft wet muddy ground In the rainy season the roads become a quagmire.2 COMPLICATEDa difficult or complicated situation The Balkan situation became a political and military quagmire.
Examples from the Corpus
quagmireIn early April it becomes a quagmire where people challenge their four-wheel-drives in the mud.Torrential rain was quickly turning the building-site into a quagmire.Still others have found themselves trapped in a horrendous and expensive quagmire of political, emotional, financial and legal issues.Constant rain turned some of the walkways into quagmires.For the U.S., the war in Vietnam was a moral and military quagmire.But the prospect of hostage-taking opens up a new quagmire.It may also distract its members from the present quagmire with legends of a storied past or promises of an ecstatic future.Indeed, the inter-connections of this penal trinity of population, capacity and conditions form the heart of the reform quagmire.There is little more that we can do about this quagmire.
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