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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishquaintquaint /kweɪnt/ ●○○ adjective  NICEunusual and attractive, especially in an old-fashioned way a quaint little village in Yorkshire
Examples from the Corpus
quaintWell, the times are hardly simple, the place certainly not quaint.With media turning into little more than a gaggle of special effects, journalistic ethics may seem a bit quaint.Beside this, Britain's outbreaks of sleaze seem almost quaint.It had refused to remain either sleepy or teeming, chaotic or quaint.the town's quaint charmquaint country cottagesStigler scoffed at the quaint idea of university as a place where a professor and a small group of students can sit in a study and discuss great thoughts.We stayed in a quaint little fishing village in Cornwall.The Country Club of Mount Dora takes its name from the quaint local town in which it is situated.Many of the cottagers in the neighbourhood keep one or more of these quaint pets.Attractions include scenic journeys by boat and an eight-mile steam railway as well as quaint shops and restaurants.
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