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QuakerQuak‧er /ˈkweɪkə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  RRCa member of the Society of Friends, a Christian religious group that meets without any formal ceremony or priests and that is opposed to violenceQuaker adjective
Examples from the Corpus
QuakerSo, Woolman was a Quaker.Arrested for attending Quaker and Seeker meetings, he was excused by a judge who noted his fine dress.Andy Payton, later to move to Middlesbrough, destroyed Quakers by setting up three goals and scoring another.Eventually, Quaker Oats relented, agreeing to keep parallel distribution systems for Snapple and Gatorade.Around the turn of the century, the Crown gave up on the Quaker colony but then later restored it to Penn.This time the Quakers were not going to wear it.Last term, he took the Quakers into Division Three by storming to the fourth division championship.Since then, Quaker has continued to support university-based research into the substance.
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