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qualifiedqual‧i‧fied /ˈkwɒlɪfaɪd $ ˈkwɑː-/ ●●○ adjective  1 SETSEChaving suitable knowledge, experience, or skills, especially for a particular jobwell/suitably/highly qualified Dawn is well qualified for her new role.qualified to do something The guides are qualified to lead groups into the mountains. If you don’t speak German, you’re not qualified to comment.2 having passed a professional examinationqualified doctor/teacher/accountant etc There are qualified instructors on hand to advise you.highly/fully qualified a fully qualified nurse a professionally qualified social worker Are you medically qualified?qualified to do something He’s qualified to teach biology at high school level.3 LITTLE/NOT VERY[usually before noun] limited in some waypartialqualified approval/support The proposal received qualified approval. The program was considered a qualified success. Is it worth the money? The answer is a qualified yes.COLLOCATIONSMeaning 1: having suitable knowledge, experience, or skills, especially for a particular jobadverbswell qualifiedAs a former footballer, he is well qualified to talk about the game.highly qualifiedAll the other applicants seemed highly qualified.suitably qualifiedIf we can find a suitably qualified person, we'll start straight away.eminently qualifiedHe is eminently qualified for the role.ideally qualifiedHis former wife is ideally qualified to comment on his character.
COLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: having passed a professional examinationadverbshighly qualifiedThe pilots who fly these planes are highly qualified.suitably/properly qualifiedMake sure that the therapist is properly qualified.fully qualifiedHe was a fully qualified engineer.professionally qualifiedAll our staff are professionally qualified.medically/legally qualifiedDecisions about such measures must rest with medically qualified personnel.newly qualifiedHow much is a newly qualified nurse paid?nounsa qualified doctor/teacher/accountant etcAfter seven years of training, she is now a qualified doctor.
Examples from the Corpus
qualifiedthree qualified applicantsThe FDA gave its qualified approval to the drug, but suggested that more studies be done.Have the house inspected by a qualified building contractor.This qualified chimera image will allow our comparison of Presocratic reasoning with scientific reasoning to be more precise.Helping to put the youngsters through their paces will be qualified coaches and local junior international athletes.Perhaps the man wielding the scalpel was not a qualified doctor at all.Many employ highly qualified environmentalists to lead their tours.After all, thought I, I was the best qualified of those present to speak on the subject of the future.Prospects, therefore, for bright and well qualified people are good, although demand for solicitors varies from year to year.However, definitive decisions about such measures must rest with medically qualified personnel.qualified to do somethingMembers can avail of the competitive terms of Autocover from the time they become qualified to drive.The counsellors are qualified to offer impartial business counselling which is practical, confidential and commercially independent.The purchaser must be legally qualified to own a gun.After regional competitions, 200 qualified to play in the decisive event over six rounds on two courses at Sawgrass, Florida.He is qualified to think the unthinkable and to pose those questions which in normal circumstances would go unasked.This changed the ratio of qualified to unqualified staff from 61:23 to 58:28.qualified doctor/teacher/accountant etcEnroll in a one-week intensive course in scientific remote viewing taught by a qualified teacher.Television broadcasting, it turned out, was no substitute for qualified teachers.I intend to use the report to review the present arrangements for the induction of newly qualified teachers and in-service training.Although a qualified doctor, Eric Jones-Evans was essentially a man of the theatre.A qualified accountant, his official job was to raise funds, find more money.Even the newly qualified teacher manages time, pupils, resources and the curriculum within the classroom.As newly qualified teachers ourselves, and I can recommend it as stimulating rewarding and fun!Newly qualified teachers posed another problem.qualified approval/supportIn 1991 he voiced a qualified approval of the free market in his encyclical Gentesimus Annus.
From Longman Business Dictionaryqualifiedqual‧i‧fied /ˈkwɒləfaɪdˈkwɑː-/ adjective1having suitable knowledge, experience, or qualifications, especially for a particular jobhighly qualified engineering staff2qualified agreement, approval etc is limited in some way, because you do not completely agree or approveThe Gann Report received qualified approval from the colleges.3having reached a particular stage in the process of competing for somethingThe Florida Lottery named the agencies qualified to bid for its $27 million ad account.
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