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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishqualitativequal‧i‧ta‧tive /ˈkwɒlətətɪv $ ˈkwɑːləteɪ-/ ●○○ AWL adjective formal  SCHARACTER OF somethingrelating to the quality or standard of something rather than the quantitya qualitative analysis/study a qualitative study of educational services qualitative researchqualitatively adverb Women’s experiences are qualitatively different from men’s.quantitative
Examples from the Corpus
qualitativeThe research involves qualitative analysis of students' performance.His global qualitative comparison thus seeks to explain why and how countries became democratic during this period.This is the essence of the problem that qualitative costs pose for struggling organizations: they are both undeniable and unmeasurable.Finally, retroactive cost justification fails because it never takes into account the qualitative costs that self-defeating actions inflict on organizational performance.The quantitative dejobbing going on today leads to qualitative dejobbing.The nature of pollution control work demands instead essentially qualitative judgements of field officers' abilities.As in qualitative sociology, dialogue is seen as evidence and, therefore, to be presented and digested on its own.But the fullness of the material makes possible qualitative study with particularly interesting insights into popular opinions and activities.Studies range from a qualitative type of food habit inquiry to a much more precise quantitative one.a qualitative analysis/studyThe main focus of the project was a qualitative study of what helped adults cope on these courses.
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