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quality time

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quality timeˈquality ˌtime noun [uncountable]  DLATTENTIONthe time that you spend giving someone your full attention, especially time that you spend with your children when you are not busy Do you spend enough quality time with your children?
Examples from the Corpus
quality timeNow we have closely monitored play groups, play dates, and quality time.The moments she calls quality time have always belonged to the boys.The result was due to a dedicated management who devoted quality time to ensuring the best outcome.We think we are having quality time with our children; they think we are eating pizza.Perhaps if you could carve out a little quality time.Parents might spend only 15 minutes of quality time a day with their kids.They spent tons of quality time together.Do you spend quality time with your youngsters at teatime, read to them, play with them?Moreover, it rethinks the quality time issue in terms of relationships in and outside the family.
From Longman Business Dictionaryquality timeˈquality time [uncountable] time that is set aside for a particular activity, especially something that is usually forgotten because you are very busyA high-powered career doesn’t need to prevent you from spending quality time with your children. time
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