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2 verb
quarrel2 past tense and past participle quarrelled, present participle quarrelling British English, past tense and past participle quarreled, present participle quarreling American English [intransitive]
to have an argument:
I wish you two would stop quarreling.
quarrel with
I always seem to be quarrelling with my parents.
quarrel about
We're not going to quarrel about a few dollars.

quarrel with something

phrasal verb
to disagree with something or complain about something:
Nobody could quarrel with the report's conclusions.
synonyms: fight, quarrel, have a row British English

to argue about unimportant things: squabble, bicker, quibble

to stop arguing: bury the hatchet, settle your differences, make your peace with somebody, make it up (used about friends or lovers)

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