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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishquarrelsomequar‧rel‧some /ˈkwɒrəlsəm $ ˈkwɔː-, ˈkwɑː-/ adjective especially British English  ARGUEsomeone who is quarrelsome quarrels a lot with people syn argumentative He became quarrelsome after drinking too much.
Examples from the Corpus
quarrelsomeAlthough colorful, active, and good feeders, they are apt to be a little quarrelsome.They became cranky and quarrelsome, and stopped most of their activities in order to conserve energy.Even quarrelsome members of the leadership, like William Joyce, appear to have been attracted to the movement by such motives.Conversely, to be angry, quarrelsome, or brave marks one off as not human.Leese had a pronounced anti-authoritarian streak in his behaviour and a quarrelsome personality.They are quarrelsome, politically unstable and poor; some are preoccupied with fighting.He depicts his noisy, disordered, life-loving, quarrelsome, self-absorbed family with a historian's detachment.Previously you had to be part of a quarrelsome, uneconomic unit of orthodoxy known as a church.
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