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quartzquartz /kwɔːts $ kwɔːrts/ noun [uncountable]  quartz.jpg HCETIa hard mineral substance that is used in making electronic watches and clocks quartz crystals a quartz watch
Examples from the Corpus
quartzThis type of system works by pumping pond water through a quartz tube running parallel to an ultra violet germicidal lamp.Halogen bulbs give instant heat, while a quartz grill, the latest innovation, is quick and efficient.a quartz gold watchThermoluminescence is a property of crystalline materials, such as quartz and feldspars, which are found in pottery.This phenomenon has been utilized for dating sedimentary deposits of quartz grains.They consist mostly of quartz and feldspars, with a little mica or amphibole.Within their surfaces are tiny specks of quartz.Mixed in with the global iridium-bearing clay layer are tiny particles of heavily shocked quartz.The Pga versus Umaa cross-plot shows quartz as the main mineral.
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