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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishquaysidequay‧side /ˈkiːsaɪd/ noun [countable]  AREAthe area next to a quay people strolling along the quayside a quayside restaurant
Examples from the Corpus
quaysideEnjoy a drink, a snack or a meal at one of Port Solent's delightful quayside bars or restaurants.More children still swarm in the slums and the squalid quaysides of nearby Talcahuano..We walk down to the shore in the warm drizzling rain and wait at the quayside.The men watching from the quayside waited only a moment.It turned out that Dana had simply left his old motor bike on the quayside before embarking on the ship.It had been a wonderful surprise seeing Madeleine with Aubrey and their friend, Lionel Dunbar, on the quayside.Village life still revolves around the squares, the quaysides and the tavernas.
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